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  • For wich kind of boats can the SARO-DRIVE be used ?

    The SARO-DRIVES are suitable for almost all kinds of boats, as for example displacement, semi-displacement, planing boats or race boats. Even for heavy workboats.
  • Wich engines are suitable for the SARO-DRIVE ?

    All conventional diesel or gasoline marine engines with a marine gearbox. Also gasturbines for marine aplications.
  • Are the SARO-DRIVE also usable for multiple engine installation ?

    All SARO-DRIVE models are also available for twin and triple installation.
  • Can the SARO-DRIVE be used on boats with older drive-systems ?

    SARO-DRIVE are fundamentally usable on most of the boats witch are made for conventional drive systems. For the STP-300 models adapterplates are available which exactly fit on the consisting transom hole.
  • How about the maneuverability and backward driving ?

    The maneuverability of the SARO-DRIVE is comparable to conventional Z-drives, since the propeller in the tunnel is always protected from ventilating and therefore effects at low speed like a submerged prop or a conventional Z-drive.
  • How about ventilating of the propeller ?

    In almost every driving situation the propeller is prevented from “sucking air” due to the invention of the “Tunnel”. Even in sharp turns the tunnel prevents a ventilation of the propeller.
  • Is the SARO-DRIVE the best drive for my boat ?

    Of course !